Datingsider anmeldelser Horsens

She is all of my funniest club memories wrapped into one. That allows so much flexibility in maintaining a fitness routine.

And the quality of fast, grab-and-go food at Luna is so helpful.

I work out and sit next to friendly competitors and potential new clients on a daily basis; it keeps me at the top of my game. Probably playing racquetball with someone who thought that they could whip me. I have had so many wonderful conversations over the years with other charter members. How has the Club benefitted your health and wellness? Because it is fun doing all of the sports and activities.

Name: Rick Leavitt Number of years at the Club: 35 What is your favorite memory made at the Club? I have used the Club for tennis, racquetball, weight training, aerobics, cardio elliptical and a hot Jacuzzi after a hard workout. How has the Club benefitted your health and wellness?

They are usually “small world” stories, six degrees of separation, and how frequently we discover we are connected to one another in various ways. After reading Younger Next Year, my husband and I decided we needed to focus on group fitness classes, rather than working out on our own (which we did for many years).Although now we often call ourselves the Chardonettes instead. Flirtseite kostenlos Most in the group still play tennis, although we’ve gone in different directions with our tennis and seldom play together.How has the Club benefitted your social life or professional life?We bring all our Eastside clients to the Club for lunch meetings, and they love and we love it.

Datingsider anmeldelser Horsens

However, we still get together frequently for wine and fun. For a number of years in the ’90s, my husband Al and I were taking weekly doubles lessons (from Kenji) with our good friends Richard De Posit and Ann Trimble. Once, he returned the ball with a bouncing slam, and we could not find the ball.It had gone up the backside of Al’s tennis shorts and was lodged there (and he didn’t even know it). We are great fans of John Mc Kinnon and Nancy Black, who teaches Pilates.A lot of memories have been made over the years at the Bellevue Club, so we asked our members to share a few of their favorites. datingsider anmeldelser Horsens-87datingsider anmeldelser Horsens-9 We also dug through the Reflections archives to find the photos that perfectly capture the spirit of the Club through the decades.Plus, my wife likes that the safety of kids is such a priority, where she didn’t see the same commitment level at other gyms. Name: Genie Mickelson Number of years atthe Club: 22 What is your favorite memory made at the Club? How has the Club benefitted your health and wellness? We had not seen each other for three weeks, because one of us was always traveling. Name: Jeff Levy Number of years at the Club: 21 What is your favorite memory made at the Club?

My teams winning two tennis trophies in the Women’s Cup Tennis League. Singing songs at our tennis parties, where we roasted a couple of the tennis coaches. It has kept an aging body in much better shape than I probably would have achieved otherwise. What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had at the Club? It is such a great place to sit and enjoy friendships. Winning the men’s B tennis tournament a while back. I laugh and kid around every day that I am there with my buddies.Great food, service and our clients always feel taken care of. Name: Jeff Otis Number of years at the Club: six months What does the Club mean to you and your family?We joined because it was a great environment for families and for kids.Name: Steve Massey What does the Club mean to you and your family?Thirty-five years is a big slice out of a human life.

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