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More than 300 years old, the cemetery is situated east of town in a romantic forested setting.

Jews from neighbouring locales are also buried there.

The synagogue, built in 1878, wrecked in 1938, is commemorated by a plaque at the corner of Grosse Mantelgasse and Lauerstrasse.

The graveyard with its several thousand graves features most conspicuously in its western section the mausoleum for the family of Dr. Around 1900 Weil owned one of the foremost global grain trading companies and operated out of offices in Buenos Aires and Frankfurt-on-Main. This unusuel structure was patterned on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.The erstwhile Jewish community centre, built at Mittelgasse 16 in 1845-46, is architecturally accented by Roman arches.The synagogue adjoined the building to the east; the western section included a classroom at street level, the residence of the school teacher and cantor on the floor above.A Jewish cemetery, opened in 1880, adjoins the public cemetery directly to the west.Wiesloch, where a settlement of Jews existed in the Middle Ages and from the 17th century, has an interesting Jewish cemetery.

Dating cafe rastatt

Since 1876 Jews have been buried in the Jewish section of the city's Bergfriedhof.Unitl the early 20th century a small Jewish community existed in Leimen, south of Heidelberg.The old Jewish cemetery at F 7 was forcibly cleared in 1938.The remains of its 3,585 dead were laid to rest in the cemetery on Feudenheimer Strasse.From 1860 to 1938 Walldorf's synagogue was located in a former church.

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